1. 貨櫃買賣:回收 / 維修 / 承租
2. 油槽櫃清洗 / 測試 / 維修
3. 加熱設備


.Container .ISO TANK
.ISO貨櫃 .化學槽櫃
.貨櫃 .貨櫃檢驗
.貨櫃維修 .貨櫃買賣


Equipment and site
Storage tank, 23 tons forklift, 50 horses screw air compressor, crane, degassing barrel, steam boilers, staff lounge, administrative offices ...


Built ammonium International Limited
About Company Introduction The company near Kaohsiung next to Pier 63 and the adjacent highway and strategic location, is the best cabinet farm site.

Floor covering 5000, the plant covers an area of 800 jobs Number Ping Ping, and has regional park of containers between 3000 Ping.



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.電 話:(07) 782-3218 .傳真:(07) 783-7667

.櫃 場:高雄市前鎮區鎮港路7號.E-mail:support@jianan.tw
.電 話:(07) 821-0118 . 傳真:(07) 821-1179

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